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Wellness AT THE Breierhof

Timeout in the Mountains 

After a fun- and adventure-filled day of skiing, hiking or horseback riding, you will be ready to enjoy the tranquility of our wellness area with a panoramic view of the Dachstein massif. Arrive and unwind, consciously sense your self and your own body, winding down your day in complete harmony. A small feel-good oasis right there on the mountain. 

Mountain air


Our Sauna Facilities

Pine Sauna

A Finnish sauna made of pine wood, with view of the Dachstein massif. The high temperatures in the sauna strengthen the immune system and get your cardiovascular system back into high gear. The fragrance of the pine has a relaxing effect and helps you let go of the stresses of daily life. In turn, this promotes good health, wellbeing and quality of sleep.

Steam Sauna

Opens the pores of the skin and simultaneously promotes better blood flow.
Frees up the respiratory passages and spurs metabolism

Infrared Cabin

The warming radiant heat promotes better health as well as a sense of deep relaxation. 

Hot Tub

Loosens and relaxes muscles after an active day. 
With breathtaking view of the Dachstein massif. 

Switch off, give yourself time, forget the world - be happy


Waterbed Massage


Wellsystem Hydro Jet ...

.... comfortable and uncomplicated to use wearing your regular street clothes. 
You will lie on a soothingly soft bed, similar to the sensation of a waterbed, gently massaged by the pressure of rotating jets of water which you feel through the surface beneath you. Tension is relieved, stiffness and cramping in muscles begins to ease, and total relaxation sets in.

Simply relaxing

Lying on the Hydro Jet means experiencing total relaxation.

A triple-pack of benefits:
Its soothing effects are due to a unique combination of the elements
water, warmth and power.

Simply beneficial

The soothing warmth of the water radiates into deep layers of tissue. Blood vessels expand, blood flow is stimulated. The body benefits from the carefully dosed power of water.

Simply stimulating

Jets of water, which rotate in circular motions and impact the underside of the surface you are lying comfortably upon, massage the body from head to toe. This activates metabolism and loosens muscles. The effect: muscle tension, stiffness and cramping gradually disappears.

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