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Wellness and Health

After an enjoyable day of skiing, hiking or riding, we offer our guests the opportunity to unwind and relax completely.

Our wellness area with

  • sauna,
  • infrared heat cabin,
  • steam bath,
  • Jacuzzi and
  • waterbed massage is ideal for recuperation and relaxation.

In our Pine Sauna, you are able to enjoy a magnificent view of the Dachstein massif.

A perfect vacation also includes opportunities to re-energize perfectly.

The Hydro Jet is actually quite easy and convenient to use in normal street clothing. You simply lie down on a comfortable bed that feels very much like a waterbed, then are gently massaged through the flexible surface by jets of water. Tension is relieved, muscle hardening and cramping is reduced, resulting in total relaxation.

Waterbed Massage

Hydro Jet wellness system

Simply relaxing!

Lying on the Hydro Jet means experiencing total relaxation. 

From three different sources:
It owes its soothing effects to the unique combination of three factors
water, heat and power.

Simply soothing!

The soothing warmth of the water radiates to the deepest layers of tissue. Blood vessels expand and blood flow is stimulated. The body benefits from the carefully dosed power of water.

Simply stimulating!

Jets of water in circular motion hit the underside of the responsive surface you are lying on, massaging your body from head to foot. This in turn activates metabolism and loosens muscles. The effect: tension, hardening and cramping is relieved.

Hydro Jet wave system

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