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Riding Holidays

at the Breilerhof in Styria!

Our 7 Icelandic horses – Peter, Kuna, Pauli, Kelly, Kafal, Petro and Olaf – love to take riders on guided trail rides through our beautiful mountain forests.

  • 3x riding on the paddock
  • Grooming and caring for the horses
  • Guided walks with our miniature ponies
  • Trail rides

Our 7 miniature ponies – Cindy, Bert, Cäser, Clara, Rocco, Nelly and Fini – look forward to a well-deserved pampering from our younger guests!

Included in your riding holidays

Pony Walks

Guided pony walks for all children ages three and up together with their families – mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and everyone else who wants to join them. Each family gets their own Icelandic horse and takes a tour together through the forest. Lasts about one hour.

Price per horse  € 20.- / min. 3 children

Price for 1 or 2 people

1 hour - € 48.-
2 hours - € 72.-

Price for 3 or more people

1 hour - € 20.- per person
2 hours - € 32.- per person

Guided Trail Rides

Riding lesson

privat hour  - € 40,-

for 2 person - € 25,- per person

for 3 person - €20,- per person

longieren (30 min) - € 30,-  

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